Yes, today the hype finally reaches a climax in The Garden State.  Since most of us will watch the game, here's some Super Bowl trivia you may enjoy.

Getty Images / Andrew Burton

Three Denver players are from New Jersey.  Knowshon Moreno is from Middletown.  Mike Adams grew up in Paterson.  Robert Ayers hails from Jersey City.

Bruno Mars will perform on the halftime show.  That's his stage name.  His dad nicknamed him Bruno.  Mars was chosen because he thinks it's a cool name.  Bruno's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.

Today is the second highest day for food consumption in the U.S.  Thanksgiving comes in first.

People will eat one and a quarter billion chicken wings today.

Denver has played in six Super Bowls.  Seattle has played in only one.

Sponsors will pay four million dollars for a thirty second advertisement.

A ticket for the first Super Bowl cost six dollars.  Yes, six dollars!

72 footballs will be on hand for today's game.

Nine out of ten people will watch the game at home or at someone else s house.

It's estimated 48 million people will order take-out today.

A poll says that one third of football fans pray to God for their team to win.

A seahawk is just another name for an osprey.

There will be more than 500 New Jersey State Troopers at today's game.

Today, 50 million cases of beer will be consumed.

Here's one final fact.

Here in New Jersey, there will be as many D.U.I. patrols and arrests as there are during New Year's eve.

Enjoy the Game!