How much would you pay for a Super Bowl ticket? How about twice the going rate of last year?

Harry how/Getty Images

National Football League owners will soon approve the prices for the Feb. 2 game with premium seats costing about $2,600, according to a report on the Wall Street Journal's website. Those will be the seats in the stadium's mezzanine level, where ticket holders can spend time in indoor restaurants.

That more than doubles the costliest tickets for Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes Benz Superdome which were only $1,250.

The second-priciest tickets, marked for $950 in New Orleans will be sold for $1,500 this time around.

Prices are being hiked because many people who get their hands on tickets quickly flip them to brokers for a hefty profit, the report said.

"We are looking to close the gap between the face value of the ticket and the true value of a ticket to what has become the premier sports and entertainment event," a league spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

The NFL is giving fans a bit of a break on the seats furthest from the action. The cheapest tickets, which had a face value of $600 for last season's game will go for $500 for the game in New Jersey, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Of the approximately 77,500 tickets that will be sold for the game, nearly 40 percent will have a face value of $1,000 or less.