Thursday's high temperatures did not do any better than 22 in Mount Holly and 22 at the Atlantic City Airport, 21 in Newark and Trenton.

So, my low 20s was right on the money.

It'll be a bit colder today, despite sunshine, with most afternoon highs no better than the upper teens.

Partly cloudy tonight with temps in the single digits and teens, for the most part, but about 20 along the south coast.

We'll have some snow arriving by late morning and afternoon tomorrow.  It has to be watched because these things kind of slip up on you.  It's going to be an inch to, perhaps, 2 or 3 inches, at most, in spots.

But, it'll be an inch or less along the south coast. Certainly, an inch or two, though, if we don't get to 3.  Highs tomorrow from 25 to 35.

I'm not really impressed with Sunday's system.  It's going to be passing by to our north late in the day or at night.

As it becomes mostly cloudy on Sunday, there may be a bit of light snow or flurries later in the day, but just the chance.  Very cold again, though, with highs in the low 20s.

It may moderate a bit on Monday, then very cold after that.

Have a good weekend.