Once again, the weekend forecast worked out reasonably well.

I thought it would be well into the 60s on Saturday.  A few spots made it 70.  It was a spectacular day.

Of course, Sunday was a touch milder than I thought it would be.  I predicted 47 to 51 for Sunday, and it reached as high as 53 or 54.

High temperatures today will probably not be out of the 40s with some sunshine and maybe some arriving clouds coming in from the west this afternoon.  Some of the Guidance wants to have it overcast by one or two o'clock, while others wants to have it no worse than partly cloudy.  I'll go with sunshine and arriving clouds today.

We'll have lots of clouds over the next few days, although it may be rain-free.

We'll have to wait until sometime as early as Thursday to have the next chance of any showers.

After that, it looks okay, as of now.