The weekend worked out about as expected.

We had a scattering of showers around Saturday, not everywhere.  And certainly south of Route 78, there wasn't much in the afternoon on Saturday.

Sunday was spectacular everywhere with highs in the upper 70s; 79 in Trenton and Wrightstown, 82 in Atlantic City and Newark.  The normal high is about 85.

Today will be in the upper 70s or low 80s with very low humidity and a good deal of sunshine.

We'll have some clear skies for a while tonight before some late clouds come in. Temperatures will be quite cool and comfortable, once again for sleeping.

Tuesday, we'll start to see the increasing threat of a few showers, maybe as early as a chance of a shower or two around in the morning.  But, Tuesday afternoon and the early part of Tuesday night will have the likelihood of a few showers and, perhaps, some thunder.

High temperatures Tuesday probably not much past 80.

Wednesday and maybe even Thursday look a little bit unsettled, meaning the chance of a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm.