Well, I predicted low to middle 80s yesterday and that's just about where we were; 84 in Atlantic City, 86 Newark, for example.  Humidity was low.

Today, it will be mostly sunny and hot with a few highs of 91 or 92, but not too humid at all.  There will be some relief at the beaches, though I'm not sure if a sea breeze will pop up today or not.

But, as the really hot and humid air mass comes in tomorrow, it'll be preceded by a few showers and a thunderstorm during the pre-dawn hours late tonight with lows from 68 to 76.

And after the chance of a shower early tomorrow morning mainly along the coast, we'll have some sunshine with very hot and humid weather.  Now I'm saying, at least, upper 90s.  Some of the guidance for tomorrow has high temperatures in the neighborhood of 103 or 100.  So I'm probably being a little bit conservative saying mid to upper 90s tomorrow.

There is just the chance that it turns a bit cooler on the beach Friday.

Some sunshine, hot and on the humid side this weekend.  There's a chance for maybe a late thunderstorm either day with weekend highs back in the 90s with some relief at the beaches.

Well, I am going to be taking some vacation time from tomorrow (Friday) through all of next week.  So I will see you all on my return on Monday, July 9th.