The weekend turned out even better than expected because there weren't too many showers or storms around for a while yesterday, until that changed in the afternoon and evening, when we had some nasty showers and thunderstorms.

Then, some powerful thunderstorms last night moved across parts of Southern New Jersey.  For example, there were wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour for about 5 minutes there, especially in Ocean County.  I know it woke me up out of bed when I was sleeping last night.

Anyways, temperatures today should be in the low to mid 90s with sunshine.  It looks, as though, it'll be rain-free, although I can't completely rule out an isolated thunderstorm or an isolated shower in far northern counties of New Jersey late today.

Over the next couple of days, Guidance wants to have temperatures as high as the middle 90s, and other forecast models want to have it as high as 99 to 100 degrees.

That's certainly going to be in the realm of possibility.  There will be no threat of rain with a lot of sunshine tomorrow, although it'll be cooler at the beaches by a little bit.

Thunderstorms will arrive later Wednesday or Wednesday night.