My forecast of high temperatures in the low 80s didn't quite make it yesterday.  It reached the upper 70s; 77 in Trenton and 78 in Newark.  There was about 15/100th's of an inch of rain in Atlantic City and along the coastline.

There's some patchy fog in South Jersey, but not much elsewhere.  It'll be mostly sunny and comfortable with highs in the lower 80s or so.

Some clear skies tonight with a few lows in the 50s, but low to mid 60s in urban and coastal areas.

Early sun tomorrow, although we've had to include the chance of a shower, mainly in western counties during the afternoon and evening.  There is certainly the chance of that, as it clouds up.  Highs tomorrow will be in the 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

The prospects for the weekend are not too bad.  Any early showers that we have Saturday, if we have one at all, will be ending.  Then we will be drying out and improving later.  Saturday's highs mostly in the 70s.

Some sunshine Sunday with just the chance of a late shower, though most places probably not.

Highs Sunday near 80, but cooler near the water.