High temperatures yesterday were a shade below what I predicted.

I said mid to upper 60s; 66 at Newark Liberty Airport was the highest reading, 65 in Trenton, Atlantic City, and Mount Holly.

Today's temperatures will be a touch milder with lots of sunshine after a cold, frosty start in some spots.

It will be around 70 or a shade above this afternoon.

Lots of sunshine both tomorrow and Friday, mid 70s tomorrow and upper 70s Friday.  It will be a bit cooler for each day right near the ocean.

Clear, chilly night again tonight with temps in the 50s in urban and coastal areas, but 40s, generally, and maybe a few 30s in the coldest spots.

The weekend starts off okay with some sunshine and arriving clouds Saturday, but I think, for the most part, it will be rain-free.  Highs will be from 75 to perhaps 80.

Clouds and some sunshine Sunday leads us to the chance of a shower, although not too much.  Sunday's highs back in the mild 70s.