This past weekend, realizing that I was about to spend another Sunday with just the three of us (my wife, my mother in law, and I); I decided it was time to revive an ages old tradition.

Sunday dinner with the family.

So I called my daughter up and asked her if she wanted to come over with my son in law, the baby, and Sofie!

I can’t tell you the feeling that came over me.

First of all, either because of distance, or maybe just a different set of priorities, Sunday family dinners have gone the way of the landline phone (or at least are going that way!)

Some cultures still hold to that tradition, if for no other reason than there isn’t enough food to go around so sharing is the rule.

But we did it every Sunday, and of course, on holidays.

Problem is, in some families, disputes get in the way,

and that might be what’s at the heart of some families’ not enjoying meals together.

That really is a shame!

Glad I’m going to make the attempt. Let’s see how it goes with my son-in-law’s pain in the ass cousin next week. (There's always one of those in the family!)

Still, has Sunday dinner with the family become a thing of the past, or do you make the attempt to have Sundays with the family?