Don't you hate it when it's almost impossible to view your phone in the sun?

Getty Images / Sean Gallup

It's especially true this time of year when most of us practically live outdoors.

You're on the beach.  You grab your phone or tablet to check e-mails or send a text.  You know the story.  The glare makes your device's screen practically unreadable.

Here's some good news.

Scientists have developed a sun-friendly glass for smartphones and tablets.

The Institute of Photonic Sciences along with Corning glass have developed a glass that will greatly reduce glare and reflection.

What they did was roughened up a glass surface so it will scatter light and deflect glare.  Small "teeth" are etched into the glass surface to make it anti-reflective.

Here's a bonus.  This new glass will make your device more water repellent.

The process can also be used for TV's.

Corning says the manufacturing process is inexpensive.

It looks like, before too long, mobile devices will be readable everywhere.