The weekend just completed was interesting.

It got close to 80, as I had predicted for Saturday;  79 in a couple of places.  But Sunday, I thought we would 0nly be in the low to middle 70s.  We barely made it the low 70s in a few spots.  Trenton had 73 yesterday, while high temperatures in Wrightstown, Burlington County were  72.

It didn't get past 69 all day in Atlantic City.

Well, today we are looking for clouds and some sunshine.  High temperatures, again, will probably be no better than the low 70s or so.

Whether or not there is a shower, well, there might be one near the Delaware River counties later today and early tonight.  But much of the state is not going to see any rain at all.

Temperatures will be on the way up big time over the next few days, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow's high temperature with clouds and some sunshine may make it to the low or perhaps mid 80s.  Certainly, the low 80s is the way to go for highs tomorrow.

By the way, today and tomorrow will be cooler near the water.

And it should make the 90s by Wednesday.