'Call Me Maybe,' 'Blurred Lines' 'All Summer Long,' 'Summertime,' they're all songs that were the soundtrack to summer for us. We just came across another summer tune that is destined for greatness.

Ok, well let us explain, everyone has a different view of "greatness," and everyone has their own versions of a musical 'hit.' "Summer is Great"  is a hit in the sense that if you isten to it enough, you may want to hit something to take out the frustration from having it stuck in your head. This song is catchy, as in catchy to the point where-you-may -want-to-stick-something-sharp-in-your-ear-type-of -catchy.

2 teens and a creepy guy who we are not quite sure what his role is combine to make this summertime classic as the group 'Three Beat Slide.". This song may be so catchy, to get rid of it, you may wish for winter to come back (ok, maybe not that bad but it'll come damn close.)

Listen and watch the video above and let us know what you think of it.