I heard recently that many people now train on the steps of the Art Museum in Philadelphia, although none of them scream “Yo Adrian!

Who wants to go to the gym in the summer time when you can train outside in New Jersey?

Tuesday night, we started talking about all the great places to train in New Jersey. For instance, there’s nothing like getting up early in the morning if you’re down the shore and running along the boardwalk or on the beach. You run faster when the sand is hotter!

When you need to cool off, just run along the water. It’s like adjusting the resistance on your run. You can even get a tan in the process!

In Lakewood, you can run around the lake. In Somerset there's the six-mile run, though it's actually only 5.8 to make it easier. Many of the old rail stations have been converted to trails. If you’re a trails person, runnj.org has you covered with the best trails in parks all over New Jersey.

Many of these trails include exercises to do at the different stops. If you really want to see how fast you can run, find the worst neighborhood you can and run to safety!

Where in New Jersey do you like to train? Let me know @RealSteveTrev and @NJ1015.

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