The summer for me, is a time for reconnecting.


Things are more relaxed with people taking vacations and when I’m looking for something to do, I usually try to find old friends to do it with. I’m very fortunate to still be in touch with many of the people I grew up with in Union City in the 70’s and so far, I’ve been able to see about 10 of them and it’s only June. What’s great about reconnecting with friends is that when we do get together, it’s not about discussing memories, the conversations are much more about what we’re doing and how we’re feeling now about what’s going on in our lives and the world around us.

You’re never more comfortable than when you’re hanging with your oldest friends. You know each other better than anyone else. They can give you an honest perspective on things that you may have never thought of and can only do it because they know you so well. Maybe because they know you so long that they can see you in a way that you no longer see yourself. Sometimes it’s good to be brought back there tot hat place.

Who are the friends that you look forward to reconnecting with during the summer?