The three-day holiday weekend out worked out as expected.

We had a scattering of showers from mid and late afternoon Saturday.  Sunday was warmer.  Memorial Day was 88 at Newark Liberty Airport, 85 in Trenton, 86 in Atlantic City and Wrightstown.

So, it was mid to upper 80s yesterday with temperatures pretty much as warm at the beaches, where there was little, if any, sea breeze.

Our Tuesday will be another very warm day in the upper 80s to, possibly, near 90.  That will be the case basically everywhere.  We'll have some clouds increasing this afternoon and the risk of a shower or gusty thunderstorm at some point this afternoon and this evening.

There will be some showers tonight.  Then, the change over to much cooler weather for tomorrow.

The guidance is split here, not on the fact that it won't be showering during the day tomorrow, but on temperatures.  For example, Atlantic City on one model is given a high of 64.  It has 74 on another model.

I tend to believe the gusty northeast wind will keep just in the low to mid 60s for highs on Wednesday afternoon.