Going down the shore is a favorite past time of mine, especially in the summer. Once I turned 21 going to the beach bars made my summers super exciting and I think the same can be said about many young people.

I wanted to do a quick poll of some well-known beach bars and see what young people said was their favorite and most frequented spots. After I created the poll, I shared the post on my Facebook page and the Rutger's Facebook page. I am currently a Rutgers student and a NJ 101.5 intern, so I thought it would be perfect for some of the students to partake in the poll.

Which beach bar/club do you prefer to go to when you go out with your friends?

-Bar Anticipation (Lake Como): 63 percent
-Martell's Tiki Bar (Point Pleasant): 15 percent
-Boat House (Belmar): 7 percent
-Wharfside (Point Pleasant): 5 percent
-Jenkinson's (Point Pleasant): 5 percent
-Djais (Belmar): 2 percent
-The Bamboo Bar(Seaside Heights): 2 percent
-Headliners (Neptune City): 0 percent

From this mock poll, I found Bar Anticipation came out on top. Why is this?

I had a brief phone conversation with Reggie Hyde, who is a partner of Bar Anticipation to get his opinion on why Bar Anticipation might be popular to young people.

"We've been here for 35 years and we have something for everybody here - promotions different nights and different days, banquet facilities, bands, DJs, a little bit of something for everybody." said Hyde, adding that he thought the overall vibe and the outside venue were among two things that really appealed to young people.

Kristen Beres, a recent Rutgers graduate and Elias Perez, a current Rutgers student gave their opinions on Bar Anticipation.

Perez said, "It's one of the greatest bars to be down the shore. The bar is massive with different areas and different vibes. On Tuesday's there's also a good turnout."

While Perez focused more on the overall environment of the bar, Beres added her two cents about reconnecting with old friends.

"Bar A's atmosphere makes it one of my favorite beach bars. There is plenty of space to hang out without being trampled over by other people," Beres said. "On top of it being a spacious environment, you are guaranteed to see someone you know without planning on going together. It's a great place to reunite with friends you haven't seen in awhile."

A fun atmosphere and great friends make Bar A one of the most frequented spots of the summer.