I, for one, will miss Sue Simmons.

Truly one of us.

Despite the fact that reading a teleprompter is still, after having done it for 32 years at Channel 4, a work in progress.

At an exorbitant sum of money!

Into the millions of dollars a year!

Then again, who am I to talk!

Fact is, I, along with Sue, and my friend Steve Trevelise, all graduated from the same announcing school back in the 70's!

Announcer Training Studios.

Just off a seedy Times Square on 42nd Street and Broadway!

Morris, Moya, and the fat guy who’s name I can’t remember….oh, wait a minute, Hal Kagan.

They all ran the place.

Then there was the faculty, consisting of a young diction teacher by the name of Joan Fursteburg, who went on to fame doing the news overnight for Alex Bennett on WPLJ...the unforgettable Joe Reilly; and Jerry “something or other” who was the guy that showed you the ropes of being a DJ.

His claim to fame was that he worked at Hackensack top 40 station WWDJ, and wore the same jumpsuit to class every night!

But back to Sue.

Watching her nightly was like anticipating the train wreck.

You always knew it was coming…it was just a matter of “when!”

And come it did, again, just the other night according to this:

The WNBC/Channel 4 anchor was caught in another hilariously candid moment, thanks to a hot mic moments before last night's 11 p.m. news.
"The ball took a bad hop and it hit me in my breast!" Simmons said during Channel 4's not-so-smooth transition from "Smash" to the news.

Co-anchor Chuck Scarborough was jarred by Simmons and asked: "Are we on?"
Then he casually went on to preview WNBC's top story on the fatal Bronx car crash that killed seven.

"Now on 11, safety in question. An urgent call for action in the wake of a terrible crash that killed seven family members -- three of them children," the cool-headed Scarborough read.

Channel 4 has already said it won't pick up the veteran Simmons' contract. She's set to leave 30 Rock in June.

That was actually pretty mild.

This was the cherry on the banana split.

Caution…foul language!

Ok, so maybe she was making too much money, and her new bosses decided that 32 years of stumbing and bumbling is enough.

But there’s something about a stumbling and bumbling “showing her age” anchor that’s endearing.

Does everyone delivering the news today have to be a “pretty boy Floyd” or a Barbie Doll.

Tom Llamas and Sheba Russell....feh!

Wither the days of Uncle Walter and BaaBaa WaaWaa!

Who are/were your favorite and least favorite news anchors?

And don’t you think Sheba Russell has pretty big shoes to fill?