If you travel the NYC Subway or NJ Transit, you're bound to see a lot of odd things. One of the probably more frequent sights you may encounter while commuting are PDA's (public displays of affection).

For one subway rider, the PDA he saw was just too far over the top. So much so, that he took a video of the entire episode.

Josh Nasar was riding the NYC Subway and decided that the couple behind him showing their affections for one another would turn into a good rant. Apparently Nasar was right.

Nasar shoots video on his phone of the couple 'in the moment,' and discusses very loudly how uncomfortable the entire scene is for everyone involved. Apparently at least one of the two people involved took exception to Nasar's rant as the female is seen flipping the camera "the bird."

The crowd apparently loved it as you can hear the sounds of people laughing in the background.

See the entire scene unfold in the video above. Do you think Nasar was right for calling them out? Or should he have just minded his own business? Comment with your thoughts below.