We've all seen lightning before, but have you ever had an actual brush with it?

State Farm Flickr Photo

Yesterday during our company's golf outing, Dennis was stuck at the top of a hill under a huge tree during a thunderstorm... If that doesn't spell bad news, we don't know what does. While he sat under the booming thunder contemplating his life, he wondered how many people have actually been electrocuted or struck by lightning. Was it really that uncommon?

On today's show we asked listeners about their brushes with lightning strikes. We were in disbelief that this actually happened... It seems like something out of a movie! Listeners called in saying that their homes were struck by lightning and lit on fire or that they saw lightning so closely in front of them they felt their hair stand on its ends.

A story that really shook us up was one about how a woman was washing the dishes at her parents' trailer park home in North Carolina. All of a sudden, lightning struck through the window and into the sink that her hands were touching. She felt her entire body freeze up and started yelling for help. Then her father ran over and hugged her in order to absorb some of her electrical shock. She survived, and it just goes to show you the power of love: her father loved her so much he basically risked his life just to make sure she was okay.

Have you ever had an experience with lightning? What happened? Let us know in the comments below!