I've been touring some of NJ's best baseball stadiums this summer and I've had the opportunity to throw out first pitches during those games.

My first couple of games, the first pitches were a bit shaky at best. As I visited more games, the pitches got to be a bit better but the one time I threw a strike, no one recorded it. So according to the staff, if it wasn't recorded, it didn't happen.

I decided that if I was going to keep going to throwing out first pitches at various NJ stadiums, I better learn how to really throw a pitch.

A special thanks to our friends over at the Trenton Thunder for inviting me and taking the time to teach me how to throw a big league pitch. Trenton Thunder relief pitcher Cale Coshow was gracious enough to spend some time with me and show me what it takes to throw a strike. Cale showed me the proper form and how to throw a 4-seam pitch.

2 things that I took away from it:

1. Grab the baseball with a 4-seam grip, not 2-seam. Your fingers should touch across all 4 seams of the ball.

2. Make sure you're in an athletic position.

3. When you throw, it's all about your footing. The ball will go in the direction of where your front foot is aimed. Same goes for your glove hand as well.

Watch the entire instruction from Cole Coshow and how I did with my lesson, in the video above.

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