Americans' stress level is down for the first time in almost five years, according to results of the American Psychological Association's annual survey, Stress in America: Our Health at Risk. The nation's stress level is 5.2 on a 10 point scale in 2011, down from 6.2 in 2007. 39% of those surveyed say their stress rose last year; 17% say it dropped; and 44% say it stayed the same.

That doesn't mean that our stress has simply gotten easier, its that we are starting to get used to it. Experts say the decline in the number of people nationwide that are stressed out is because being overhwelmed has become the new normal.

"Why stress yourself out, I just go with the flow" said Sue from Lacey.

What causes us stress? Money, work and the economy top the list nationwide.

"I'm definitely stressed about the job market...are you hiring" joked one woman from Toms River.

Mary, a new resident of the state, says money is on her mind. "Housing prices, food costs, everything is more expensive in this state."

"I think the economy still weighs on a lot of people's really hasn't gotten that much better" said Nicole from Seaside Heights.

The APA survey also found that young adults ages 18-32 are less likely than older adults to feel stressed by the economy, 54% of them are stressed compared to 71% of baby boomers.

Joe from Barnegat said as a recent college graduate he is still worried about landing a job in his field. "I just finished and with the way things are nowadays, I'm not sure I will be employed anytime soon."

"I'm newly retired, so I'm not stressed at all" said Bill from Brick.

Other stress factors? Family responsibilities, health concerns, job stability, housing costs and personal safety.