This question elicits a big “no” from me, because I’m of the belief that no good deed goes unpunished.

However there are those one or two stories that defy the odds.

Such as this one, where a woman passerby in Central Pennsylvania sees a stranger on the side of the road stranded with his bicycle; and decides to do the “right thing”.

Lo and behold, it turns out to be Dave Matthews.

A local Dave Matthews fan was on her way to his concert on Saturday when the craziest thing happened. She actually ran into the super star and helped get him to the show on time.

"So, we saw him on the other side of the road and we pulled my car in here. And he picks up his bike and throws it up here". Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were on their way to see him perform in Hershey when they spotted him on the side of Boathouse Road, stranded.

Dave Matthews needed help. He didn't have a cell phone and his bicycle broke down. "He says I've never seen a bike rack like this before, so Joe walks over and he's helping him put it on and I'm standing here and I'm holding his helmet" Kraus said.

The super star got in their car and they got him to his concert on time. "So we didn't know how to make conversation with him in fact, so we were talking about his tour and where he had come from. He had just been in Cincinnati and he said I'm taking a short break after this one because I have to drop my daughters off at camp and he was just a very humble guy" Kraus tells CBS 21.

Dave Matthews was so grateful, he invited Emily and her boyfriend to dinner. "We felt out of place. I said I feel like I'm out of place". Then they went back stage and enjoyed the show from the front row. "I woke up this morning, and I rolled over and I said, okay yeah that really happened yesterday ha ha ha ha! It was surreal we couldn't believe it."

Dave Matthews also signed their tickets saying thanks for the ride.

What are the chances of that happening to you? Sort of like hitting the Powerball jackpot.

And despite what I said in the open; I’ve done my share of picking up folks I thought to be in distress along the side of the road.

One in particular still stays with me.

My wife and I saw an old man (had to be in his 80s) walking along the shoulder of a busy Route 9 one Saturday afternoon on his way to the Freehold Raceway Mall.

There was no way he was going to make it either without getting hit by a car or by the mere act of walking what would have been a distance of at least 5 miles.

My wife, seeing him, begged me to stop and ask him where he was going.

Once we did and asked him where he was going, he was incredulous. He kept asking over and over, “why are you stopping? Why are you doing this?”

It took a good 5 minutes of convincing him that we meant no harm and wanted to help him.

Once in the car, he told us he was going to meet his wife at the Mall. So once there, we dropped him off, but couldn’t help but wonder if he really was looking for his wife, or was just confused. My wife wanted me to accompany him inside the Mall; but at that point I thought I’d done my “mitzvah” and left him at the main entrance.

I still wonder if he ever did find his wife.

As for picking up hitchhikers, still not a fan.