As our first big snowstorm of the season bears down on New Jersey this weekend, it's time for groups and organizations to check their Stormwatch account status.

If you have an event this weekend, as always, Stormwatch is at your disposal to to help get the word out. Participating groups will be able to log in and report their cancellations or delays to our site.

However, in order to report you have to have a Stormwatch account!  Calling the station to report is no guarantee your group's event will be listed. It's easy to create an account; just complete the short form below and we''ll be in touch.

If your group already has an account and you need the log-in and password you should also complete the form.

Storm Cancellations and Delays

Complete the information below to be part of our storm cancellation and delay program. We will contact you shortly via phone. Note that this form is for those associated with an organization that is already part of Stormwatch or would like to join the program.
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