Still struggling from Superstorm Sandy, and with a nor'easter blowing through South Jersey, municipalities are once again left to try and fund an expensive and unpredictable storm season.

Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline (Mike Stobe, Getty Images)

Bill Dressel, executive director with the League of Municipalities, said while unpredictable, storm costs are also unavoidable.

"What are the essential public services that you need to provide?  What are those that you can delay or postpone, and what can you eliminate?"

He said for municipalities it means making "white knuckle" decisions often right after a storm.

While Sandy made many residents keenly aware of the cost of severe weather, Dressel said municipalities have been dealing with increased instances of extreme weather for years.

"Sandy was a blip on the radar screen, a very important blip, but it draws more attention the fact that we've got to be able to maintain service levels even during an emergency situation."