Bowling is so passé. Dennis and Judi have an idea that is much more entertaining and fun for the whole family! (Okay, not really.)

Dennis and Judi have a lot of ideas on how to improve society (like bringing gay people to Atlantic City or turning the Revel casino into an "adult-themed" hotel), and this is definitely one of their less conventional ones. Last Thursday when they were talking about going to bowling alleys, they couldn't help but think about how such a lame sport has lasted so long. They think it should have gone the way of curling, but for some reason, the sport has really stuck.

Dennis and Judi have a better idea. Why not bring back stoning? Yes, it's violent, but it would only be against dangerous criminals who really deserved it. Of course they were joking, but Judi seemed pretty intent on bringing back this old pastime. Should we make it a "thing" again? Check out the video below and let us know what you think!


Judi decided to expand on the on-air piece and discuss it even further in the video below. See why is she believes stoning is a much more fun sport than bowling by clicking the video below.