Last week I received a tweet from Steve who's a disabled veteran suggesting a topic for my show. "Stolen Valor" is where people pretend to have served for the purpose of acquiring free stuff from people showing their gratitude thing that they have served. It's also against the law.

He went on to explain that most people never heard of stolen valor and blindly give to those who pretend to have served our country. He wanted to talk about rooting out the fakes so that we would be helping those who truly deserved it. He even caught a guy at Halo Farms in Trenton trying to pass himself off.

After reading this I decided to talk about it and the phones exploded with stories of veterans spotting people pretending to have served to solicit anything from free coffee, to free admission, to dressing up in false uniforms and collecting money which they claim will be used to aid vets.

Once call from Jerome talked about specifically what to look for when someone claims to be a veteran and asks you for anything.

Most vets will be happy to show you their identification, if someone is asking you for money, don't be afraid to ask for it. If they're in uniform, ask to see the dog tags, they must be wearing them. Make sure you know who you're "helping".

Stolen Valor is against the law. I think the perfect punishment for these posers is to first put them through Marine boot camp before they begin any other sentence.

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