Newark Liberty Airport managed to get to 90 degrees yesterday, once again making it to the 90 degree mark.

Mid to upper 80s is where we should be, and we were close to that in most places yesterday.

Today, certainly well into the 80s, despite clouds, little or no sun and the shower or thunderstorm chance.  In fact, there's a slight chance somebody could get to 90.  It'll be cooler near the ocean.

Some showers seem to be around tonight in the humid 66 to 74 range.

The big change is for Friday, especially.  We had thought we had a chance to start drying out and see humidity drop.  It's still going to be rather humid Friday, and unfortunately, showers and possible thunderstorms can happen at any time with temperatures in the 70s away from the ocean.

Even Saturday looks to be a bit unsettled with clouds, some sunshine and still rather humid.  There's the chance of a few showers with highs in the low to middle 80s, 70s near the water.

Partly sunny, very warm and humid on Sunday with highs in the upper 80s, but cooler near the beach.  There's just the chance Sunday, hopefully, of a shower.

The ocean temperatures are still in the chilly upper 50s.