A cat at the the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been named "Skippy" for a very good reason.

CC SPCA Executive Director Bev Greco said the cat was captured by Millville's animal control officer at the Oakview Apartments and taken to a vet after it spent four days with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar. Greco said the cat was "dehydrated and starving" when she was found and she is surprised the cat was able to get her head into the jar, but not out.

"I wouldn't say that this happens all the time but it does happen," said Greco, who has seen several cases of animals getting their heads stuck inside a jar over the years. She recalled a dog who got his head stuck and fell in a fish pond and drowned as he struggled to get the jar off.

The long-haired, charcoal blue-colored cat is now doing well, according to Greco.

"She's shy, she's a little nervous but she's friendly. She'll let you hold her," said Greco, who added that Skippy has been cooperative when she's been given fluids and medication.

She will be put up for adoption within the next couple of days as her owners have seven days to claim her under New Jersey law.

"Once she gets into a home where she's not nervous she may still be a little shy for a while but I think she's going to be fine," Greco said. "It's not like she's wild or aggressive at all. She'll be fine once she gets settled into a home."

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