I wasn’t surprised to hear Steven Tyler do a number on the National Anthem before the Ravens/Patriots game yesterday.

After all, you ask for Steven Tyler…you get Steven Tyler.

It was just a matter of when.

When the sound of a cat being dipped into a vat of hot oil was about to sear my tweeters to shreds.

And he did not disappoint. (Just the expression on Bill Belichick's face should tell you all you need to know!)

But some may think this to be the latest rendition of the Francis Scott Key tome treated without the kind of reverence it deserves.

Judge for yourself…out of all the times you can remember, who’s done the worst job of singing the National Anthem.

(Hard to vote against that one...but we might have a win, place, and show!)

(Note to Christina: We all have "brain freeze" every now and then!)

For the record, I never had a problem with Jose Feliciano’s version prior to the World Series in 1968, and never did see what the uproar was.

Take your time. You’ll be marked on this one!