Another Father’s Day has come and gone and I’m lucky enough to spend it not only with my 8-year-old sons Lennon and Albert, but I also got the pleasure of spending it with my 92-year-old father Albert, as well.

Steve Trevelise/Townsquare Media


Every Saturday my father comes to visit us with a dozen donuts and the kids go running to him to tell him how they’re doing with their guitar, drum and karate lessons. Sometimes they show him what they've learned, then we sit and have coffee and talk about a variety of topics ranging anywhere from how much fish he’s been catching when he goes out with his friend Bob off the coast of Belmar, to topics in the news, or what’s happening with the our favorite football team, the New York Giants.

My best memories with dad date back as far back as sitting in the Yankee Tower Diner in Fairview on Friday nights through grammar  school talking Giants football with him. We’re talking players, stats, who’s great and who sucks and there weere plenty of time back in the 70's when they really did suck.

Sports is the great equalizer between a father and son. Dad may have known all about life, but I knew the Giants, and in those conversations I really felt like I was bringing something to the table.

Now I have my own boys who may not be into the Giants yet the way my father and I are, but they love to throw the football with me. For me it’s therapeutic. I could throw the football with my sons for hours. Sometimes we even catch it. I know that they love it too because on their Father’s Day card to me, they wrote how much they loved playing football together.

What’s the one thing you love most doing with either your father or your son?