So now that you’ve seen most of week one, let’s cut right to the chase this NFL season and tell us who you think will be in the Super Bowl. In fact, feel free to go the extra mile and tell us who you think will win it as well.

My personal choices are the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC and the Seattle Seahawks heading back yet again to represent the NFC. Yes I realize both these teams lost in Week 1, but it doesn't matter where you start, it is where you finish and here’s why…

There’s a difference in remaking your team to better compete and taking a team on the verge and adding those extra ingredients to get it over the top.

Buffalo and Philadelphia would be great examples of the former with the Bills adding LeSean McCoy and Percy Harvin among others and the Eagles who now go with Sam Bradford at quarterback in a remade offense featuring a backfield of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews and a remade secondary. (there’s that word again).

But when you look for teams who added those extra pieces to get over the hump, you have to go with Indianapolis whose quarterback Andrew Luck is now ready to step his game into the top two. (Sorry, deflate gate or not, I just can’t count Tom Brady out;) Add running back Frank Gore an every-down back whom the Eagles wanted and can do it all to a backfield that once boasted Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw. They also add former Eagle Pro Bowl guard Todd Herrimans and wide receiver Andre Johnson to go along with standout wide receiver TY Hilton. Now, with all due respect to Chip Kelly and the Eagle fans, that’s what you call an unstoppable offense!  Imagine New England’s new secondary of former Eagles Bradley Fletcher and Patrick Chung having to cover those two!

In the NFC, Green Bay almost beat Seattle last year, this year the Packers lost All Pro wide receiver Jordy Nelson while the Seahawks added all Pro tight end Jimmy Graham giving Russell Wilson an incredible option as he runs all those options! Also take into account the Seahawks really haven’t lost anyone assuming they will get the deal with Kam Chancellor done.

I’m also picking Indianapolis to beat the Seahawks but I’ll bet right now that if they get second and goal on the winning drive with time running out, "Beast mode" Marshawn Lynch will get the ball, cause if he doesn’t, he just may take it himself!

So there are my Super Bowl picks, what are yours?