The first of the final 6 episodes of Mad Men ran last night and personally, I think I know the way it’s going to end.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In fact I think they’ve been telegraphing the ending from the beginning, and by the beginning, I mean the opening. My guess is that in the last episode Don Draper jumps off the building and falls the way we see his cartoon character do in the intro. Just throwing it out there and if it happens, I intend to reprint this article everywhere.

The real “Mad Men” or ad men of the sixties, h television was turning color and imaginations were running wild thanks in part to all the drugs that were available for the first time. Those advertising genuises gave us some of the most memorable commercials ever. How many times do you see a product on the shelf and start singing a jingle that you don’t even realize hasn’t been played in years?

The bar that was set in those years, then the genius continued into the 70,s 80’s 90’s and even today.

As much as we hate commercials and try to fast forward through them when we DVR our favorite shows, we still remember certain commercials from our youth. Some of those iconic commercials many have become part of our culture. Some jingles like “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing” which started as a Coke commercial, actually became a hit song,

Even the Beatles got into the act with “Good Morning, Good Morning,” a song that started as a commercial for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.


What commercials do you still remember from your youth? Leave your choices below.