Despite April revenues that are lower than projected from the state, the head of State Senate Democrats says he's continuing on a path to a tax cut plan, and he's not agreeing to a millionaire's tax  hike to fund it.  Senate President Steve Sweeney says he's not going to rule out a tax cut until he gets all the numbers.

"It's tough in tough times sometimes you have to tighten your belt. We've done it before and we can do it again" Sweeney told reporters after a groundbreaking ceremony in Camden.

Sweeney also said he won't sign off on a millionaire's tax hike to fund a tax cut plan, something Assembly Democrats are proposing.

"Do I support a millionaire's tax...I sponsored it last time and walked the bill right to the Governor's desk...I do think the wealthy should pay more, but I'm not going to do something I know is dead on arrival. I want to get property tax relief done, plain and simple."

Sweeney says he and Governor Christie are having conversations with Assembly Democrats to try and come to an agreement on a tax cut plan where everyone is on the same page.

"I am talking with the Assembly right now...we are working, but we're not there yet."

He also brushed off rumors that a Monday joint press conference with the Governor on a tax cut plan was delayed due to internal criticism from other Democratic legislators who said they weren't in the loop.

"Other members of my caucus are not happy with me at times on a regular basis...that happens."