Is it really a good idea to blindly mandate students posture during the National Anthem? The Diocese of Camden school superintendent, Mary Boyle, sent a letter to student athletes that refusal to stand during the national anthem would result in a two-game suspension.

This is the same kind of philosophy that drove me from Catholicism to Christianity. I remember questioning religion in Catholic school and being told either it’s a mystery of the Lord or God’s will. Further questioning could lead to either a punishment or in those days a possible smack either by hand or pointer.

Perhaps a discussion as to why things were what they were could have kept me involved, instead of searching for the answers that lead me to where I am now. Still, I agree that the teachers and coaches should stand since they are employees of the school and have influence and power over the students.

The students should be allowed to at least present their case based on their feelings, backed up by discussion and research. Such discussion could get them to change their mind and may result in them still standing, but at least they will be more informed.

Isn’t that what all this is about in the first place?

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