Steve Carrellas, head of the State Chapter of the National Motorist's Association, spoke with Jim Gearhart this morning regarding the pros and cons of raising the gas tax versus the new bill sponsored by Jim Whelan, that would tax your vehicle mileage tax.

Chris Hondros, Getty Images

As drivers adapt to the increase in gas prices by purchasing hybrids and more economical cars, the money being collected for state and federal roads are decreasing. So what does the state do? Raising the gas tax is the easy band aid fix but may not work long term.

The new bill that would tax your yearly vehicle mileage but it would eventually eliminate a gas tax.

Steve Carrellas discusses the benefits and drawbacks with Jim this morning and how this bill would affect NJ in the long-term. Carrellas mentioned that ideally "we need to start putting the trust back in the trust system," but here in NJ, we are a ways away from that taking place.

You can listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.