By: Joni Vitale, RD, Sodexo Clinical Dietitian, Raritan Bay Medical Center

 Research shows that skipping breakfast is strongly linked to obesity. Individuals who skip breakfast tend to eat more calories later in the day making weight control more difficult1. A lack of time is the number one reason people state for skipping breakfast or pulling into the drive-thru at their favorite fast-food restaurant for something quick to eat on the way to work or school.

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With minimum effort and a little creativity, it’s easy enough to swap out that morning latte and a bagel for a meal lower in calories and higher in vitamins, minerals and fiber!  Portable foods and beverages such as fruits, nuts and seeds, cereals, vegetable juices, and crackers are the way to go! Many are available in single-serving sizes, taking the guess work out of portion control. We've partnered with Raritan Bay Medical Center to provide you with some quick and inexpensive ways to eat healthy, even if you have a crazy schedule. Check out the wallet-friendly ideas below.

  • 1 oz packet of almonds and small apple.
  • Low-sodium V-8 juice and a mini-bagel spread with peanut butter.
  • 6 whole-grain crackers with an individual-size reduced-fat cheese.
  • Single-serving size cold cereal with 8 oz carton almond milk.
  • ½ cup container of sliced oranges and ½ oz package of pumpkin seeds
  1. Obesity Research, 2002; vol. 10: pp 78-82.

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