According to a recent survey from and ForbesWoman, 75% of women said they would not marry a guy who was out of work, but 91% said they would choose love over money...huh? Seems like a bit of a contradiction.  I started the hour asking if you would marry a guy out of work.  Many said no and I can understand that you want to know there is stability going into a relationship, especially if you want to start a family.

Then Wayne called in sounding very bitter, wanting to  know why women can't be out working and the guys can stay at home "eating bon-bons." (because that's exactly what every woman is doing nowadays!)  But do guys really want to stay at home? I think most guys like to know they are providing for their families and if they had the choice would love for their wife to stay home and raise the children instead of putting them in daycare.  Some families don't have a choice...both parents need to work, but for those who don't, how many of you would hope your wife would want to stay at home with the kids? And if both of you are working, is it by choice or necessity? Tune in now to "After Hours!"