NJ State Senate President Steve Sweeney joined Eric Scott in the studio this morning to talk about the state and take your calls. The Senate President and Eric spoke about everything from the pension system to gay marriage and even bans on saggy pants.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to the entire interview in segments below.

Segment 1

In the opening segment, Steve Sweeney discusses the ban on saggy pants in Penns Grove, property tax caps and how towns are trying to circumvent them. The Senate President also answered questions on the what the real problems are with the pension systems and why it is so difficult to get people who are illegally in the system to have them removed.

Segment 2

Steve Sweeney and Eric Scott the current state of Trenton and how Mayor Tony Mack's refusal to resign has affected the city. They also address the decreasing number of refineries in NJ and what can be done to save the one's we have.


Segment 3

Eric asks the Senate President what will be happening with senate as we head into the fall session. They also discuss the current state of hospitals in NJ and Steve Sweeney fields questions on state employee reimbursement and what public schools should be providing for special needs children.


Segment 4

In the final segment of the hour, Senate President Sweeney and Eric Scott discuss the gay marriage bill as well as what Steve Sweeney sees in his future in NJ politics.