The New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center is providing their services to all residents of any age, who are print-disabled.


"People, who because a visual or physical disability, either cannot see the words in the book or hold a book in order to read," Director Adam Szczepaniak said.

The center offers materials in audio, braille, and digital formats.

In fact, they offer over 70,000 books in audio form and 18,000 in braille, along with 45 different magazines.

"We have over 10,000 active users."

Szczepaniak said that nearly 2,000 users are getting content on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The content is received as part of a cooperative effort between the state and federal government.

"They're all given to us on assignment by the Library of Congress and we, in turn, give them on long-term arrangements to people, so that they can have them as long as they need them," Szczepaniak explained.

There are also ongoing efforts to work with towns throughout the state "to provide some assisted technology as we can and make it easier for everyone in New Jersey to be able to read."

Learn more about this great program by visiting the NJSL Talking Book & Braille Center website and Facebook page.