An Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) review released today found the New Jersey State Police continues to effectively handle allegations of trooper misconduct concerning racial profiling.

The 23-page report specifically evaluated the State Police's Office of Professional Standards (OPS), which is responsible for investigating allegations of trooper misconduct and making recommendations concerning trooper discipline. The review also evaluated the state's Office of Law Enforcement Professional Standards (OLEPS), with regard to its oversight of the trooper disciplinary process.

Overall, both offices have been performing effectively, according to the report.

"Our review found that in their handling of trooper misconduct cases, the State Police continue to comply with professional standards designed to eliminate racial profiling," State Comptroller Matthew Boxer said.

However, OSC also issued recommendations for areas in need of improvement. OSC recommended the State Poice consider adopting disciplinary guidelines to help ensure that the discipline being imposed on troopers who engage in misconduct is consistent, fair and transparent.

Under state law, OSC is required to periodically review the performance of the State Police.