The Jersey Shore Festival kicks off this weekend in Seaside Heights with over 350 artists from around the world. John Poveromo, in from California, will be the only comedian at the festival. The 31-year-old Toms River native has opened for Jimmy Fallon, Drew Carey, and Gilbert Gottfried, to name a few. He joined me on Wednesday to talk about both the festival, the bands you loved seeing at the shore and his favorite Jersey Shore memory. Here his favorite memory above.

One of the other artists at the festival will be Pat DiNizio, lead singer and songwriter of The Smithereens. What's great about seeing the Smithereens perform is the attention to detail that the band still puts into their act after all these years. Every quarter note is exactly the way you remember it. DiNizio joined me and Poveromo on air to talk about the difference between being in shape and "Rock N Roll Shape." DiNizio has always been a true class act. Listen as he shares some memories of playing at the shore.

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