The late 1980's Mel Brooks movie "Spaceballs" (that spoofed among other pop culture icons and films, Star Wars) made a joke...that rings especially true today!

When it comes to characters and movies, its all about "merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!"

Star Wars...candy. (Craig Allen photo).

Back in the late summer, I started to see a few "Star Wars" products...and they would, naturally, grab my attention.

Star Wars lovers. (Craig Allen photo).

Star Wars...for more than just the so-called Star Wars "geek."

"Luke, I am your...pinata!" (Craig Allen photo).

Star Wars for EVERYONE! For ALL ages!

Do KIDS wear a watch anymore? (Craig Allen photo).

And, at all "times," too! (Above and below).

Star Wars at breakfast. (Craig Allen photo).

The force is these products!

C3PO and Jello...perfect together! (Craig Allen photo).

And, its all-Star Wars-all-the-time...

WIN R2D2 at the arcade! (Craig Allen photo).

...and NOT just at the store...

When you turn on the tube...Star Wars is selling S-U-Vs and luxury cars...cell phones...and almost anything else that you can think of...

Screenshot of my TV screen... (Craig Allen photo).

...has a "tie-in" somewhere in the commercial...and this "title" pops up at the end!

Disney has paid George Lucas BILLIONS for the rights to Star Wars...and "The Force Awakens" is poised to be a huge hit...the ticket sales numbers for day one should be out in a few hours!

Wearing my vintage Star Wars t-shirt...with my Lazer Video Disc copy of Star Wars, early this morning! (Jason Ruvolo photo).

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Star Wars. BUT, has the "merchandising, merchandising, merchandising" gone a bit far? a "galaxy far, far away?"

I'm just saying.

Star Wars...Everything! (Craig Allen photo).

Here are just a few of the Star Wars products that I have seen in the past few days:

So much to choose, games, "fashion" to (almost) "practical" items!

Pass the syrup! (Craig Allen photo).

The Darth Vader waffle maker was my favorite...til I saw:

This is a 'cut above the rest'? (Craig Allen photo).

The Star Wars pizza cutter!

Now....between the two, I'm "waffling!"

What have you seen? Please feel free to add to my picture list, by tagging this article with your favorite Star Wars item/product picture(s).

Who knew, long, long a galaxy close, close by (ours)...that Star Wars would be a multi-generational phenomenon?!

Now...if only I could find my 1978-vintage Star Wars mini action figures...they'd be worth REAL money...right about now!

To cross science fiction genres: Star Wars...may you "live long and prosper!"