Bruce Springsteen reveals it took seven years to write and reveal his mind for his new autobiographical boot, "Born to Run," which goes on sale in the fall.

"Born to Run," which is already at No. 36 on Barnes and Noble's best seller list, was inspired by Springsteen's 2009 Super Bowl half time show. "The experience was so exhilarating that Bruce decided to write about it. That’s how this extraordinary autobiography began," according to a release from publisher Simon Schuster.

“Writing about yourself is a funny business…But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I’ve tried to do this," Springsteen writes.

As a child in Freehold, Springsteen writes he was inspired to write by what he calls "The Big Bang" of his life:  Elvis Presley's appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The book will also reveal "the story of the personal struggles that inspired his best work, and shows us why the song “Born to Run” reveals more than we previously realized.

Springsteen aficionado Tom Cunningham hopes to gain some new insights into the Boss and then some.

"I'd like to know for sure why they didn't play Live Aid. I'd like to know for sure if Oswald acted alone. I'd like to know for sure if there is a complete version of Electric Nebraska. I'd like to know for sure if the Earth is round. I'd like to know for sure if he's found out the answer to the key question in his most legendary song--is love real? Stuff like that," the host of 105.7 The Hawk's weekly "Bruce Brunch" program said.

The 512-page book is expected to go on sale September 27 and retails for $32.50.

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