As the spring planting season gets underway, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher is urging all state residents to go to their local nurseries and landscapers and look for the Jersey Grown label on their items.

"People often don't realize just how much is grown and produced right here in New Jersey," said Fisher. "Not only do our local farmers grow flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, but we have farmers now who are growing birdseed on their farms and then packaging it. There also is sustainable wood that is being grown and produced in the state and made into birdhouses. You can also get firewood and honey."

Jersey Grown, similar to the Jersey Fresh program for local produce, was launched several years ago to identify New Jersey horticultural products in the marketplace. A Jersey Grown designation means the product was grown in the Garden State, is accustomed to the region's climate and is disease and pest-free.

"This year, we've expanded the program to include annuals," said Fisher. "So, when you get something with the Jersey Grown label on it, you know that it was grown here and it's more acclimated to the soil and growing conditions of the state, so it's likely to do much better in your garden."

"With Jersey Grown items, you're also more likely to have success in your garden and you're supporting the local economy at the same time," said Fisher.