March is known for its rollercoaster-like aspect in weather.This past weekend residents in New Jersey experienced very mild temperatures. It got up to 60 degrees in some areas on Saturday. The next couple days will continue to be mild with temperatures in the mid 50s.

The reason for these spring-like temperatures is due to the jet stream. We are currently and was under a ridge in the jet stream this past weekend. A ridge in the jet stream means mild and pleasant weather. A ridge is usually accompanied by a high-pressure system, which is denoted as a big blue “H” on surface maps. A high-pressure system is also associated with mild and pleasant weather.

Currently there is a high pressure sitting off the coast of the mid-Atlantic. This high pressure is the reason why we will continue to have mild temperatures for the next couple of days.

High-pressure systems have a clockwise flow to it. If you have a high-pressure system off the East Coast, it brings warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico straight up the eastern coastline and into our area.

This is present in the 850 millibar map. The wind direction is coming from the south Southeast (SSE).

Later this Week

A cold front is expected to affect our area Tuesday afternoon. There will be precipitation associated with this cold front. But it will be too warm for any snow to fall in New Jersey.

A second cold front is expected to affect our area late Wednesday. Although no precipitation is expected to fall, temperatures will take a dip. Temperature will no longer be mild and in the 50s.

Temperatures are expected to get cooler later in the week and into next week. Meteorologists are keeping an eye on models for a potential snowstorm next week that may give our area a significant amount of snow. But it is still too early to confirm it.