Can you believe it?  Daylight saving time starts next Sunday, and spring officially begins in 17 days!

Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Mark it down.  Next Sunday at 2am daylight savings time begins.  Saturday night set your clocks and watches ahead one hour.

Getty Images/Alex Wong

Two weeks from Wednesday, March 20th, is the official start of spring.

There are some people who tell me that they love winter.  They don't mind the cold weather and snow.  You may have guessed we're talking about some avid skiers.

I'm pretty sure that most of you would agree with me that winter gets old pretty fast.

Repairs to most of our boardwalks and beaches are underway, so we can start thinking about those lazy warms days ahead of making the most of New Jersey's 131 mile coastline.

With all that said, here's my question.  Are you glad that spring is "just around the corner?"  I have a feeling the results of our poll may be a bit lopsided.  It will be fun to see how many of us love or despise cold or warm weather..