As the Beatles sing in Here Comes The Sun: "It's been a long, cold, lonely winter..." And, just as it began to feel like spring would never get has (finally) sprung!

When I see the "flowering tree" in FedEx Pat's front yard in full bloom, I KNOW that Spring is finally here!

Earlier this afternoon, I walked out to my gym (about 4 miles each way), enjoying the sunshine, the breeze...and the explosion of color along my route!

"Pretty In Pink" (Craig Allen photo).

The flowering trees...

An "explosion" of yellow! (Craig Allen photo).

Flowering bushes...


Movable flowers. (Craig Allen photo).

Flowers!  Some in pots...

It's single...Sign this flower up for an online flower dating service! (Craig Allen photo).

...some not.

To quote Homer Simpson: "Mmmmmm, purple." (Craig Allen photo).

I continue on...enjoying all the color, and the fragrance, too!

This tree is in full bloom... (Craig Allen photo).
...while this tree has to play catch up! (Craig Allen photo).

And below:

Nice...and at my eye-level. (Craig Allen photo).

A close up!

A small flowering tree in this front yard... (Craig Allen photo).

Is a tree or shrub in your yard "lookin' good" in full bloom? Please feel free to share!

And, a larger blooming tree here! (Craig Allen photo).

Its been a beautiful SPRING weekend in New Jersey...I hope you had a chance to enjoy it!

Tomorrow (Monday) is "payback day." Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is calling for RAIN.

But...just remember..."April showers bring:

(Craig Allen photo).

...May flowers!"

Only one dandelion...but not for long! (Craig Allen photo).

Let's not dwell on the...UNwanted come!

Happy Spring, New Jersey!