It’s spring cleaning in the Trevelise household and that means arguing with my wife and kids over what we should keep and what should go. Along with that, my sister and I are having the same discussions on what we should keep as we go through my deceased father’s townhouse.

Personally, I like space, it’s the final frontier that I’ll never get to fully enjoy with my family because they enjoy saving everything. My family gets sentimental about things like projects my kids made in previous grades. However, not once have I ever seen them nostalgic for the toys they had in preschool. In fact, when I bring up playing with those toys, they laugh at me and say "we’re too old for that."

Then we have the broken items that, with a little work, could be fixed and will bring us good money at the flea market (that we will never go to) to sell them.

You could take that piece of chair, sand it down, go to the Home depot and buy legs for it, paint and attach them and voila! Or you could just go to Walmart and buy another one for about $10 dollars. Oh wait, you don’t even need a chair!

Once, when we were cleaning our Sea Isle City beach house, my mother-in-law made a pile of such items. I actually offered her $50 bucks for it so that I could throw it out.

Do you argue over spring cleaning? What’s that one piece of junk that your spouse will not let you throw out? Comment below!

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