It's Farmers Market Week in New Jersey and the State Secretary of Agriculture is urging residents to head out to their local community markets in support.

"Buying from these community markets helps directly affect farmers in their bottom line to help them maintain their operations and make a profit," said Douglas Fisher, State Secretary of Agriculture. "By supporting farmers, it also helps keep them in the state and on their land."

There are 153 community farmers markets in New Jersey including 14 new ones this year. Farmers who attend sell produce they've picked at the peak of ripeness within 24 hours of sale to ensure the best taste and highest quality. Many of the farmers also accept WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers and SNAP food stamp cards.

Governor Christie has proclaimed August 5 through 11, 2012 as Farmers Market Week in New Jersey. United State Secretary Tom Vilsack also has proclaimed the week National Farmers Market Week.

"We grow more than 100 different crops in New Jersey and so many of them are at their peak, sweet and juicy, so it's really a great time to buy fresh and to buy local," said Fisher.